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Pachinko Card Reader Emulator System


If you have purchased the Smartcard option pack for use with your Card Reader Emulator unit, then please first install and check the correct operation of the Card Reader Emulator unit before attempting to connect and use the smartcard reader.

Remove the card reader bypass dongle. Empty card reader interface socket. Connect the Card Reader Emulator Unit.

Firstly, locate the card unit interface connector on the back of the pachinko machine. This connector is usually located on the side of the machine nearest the hinge. If a card reader bypass dongle is already fitted, it should be removed before attempting to fit the Card Reader Emulator unit.

Connect the Card Reader Emulator unit to the card reader interface socket. Check to ensure that there is adequate clearance around the Card Reader Emulator unit. If it is not possible to connect the Card Reader Emulator unit directly to the pachinko machine, then connect the optional extension cable to the pachinko machine before connecting the Card Reader Emulator unit.

Power on the pachinko machine and check the credit display on the ball shooter tray, it should now read '  0', and the 'ball loan available' LED should be lit.

Press and hold the 'Return' button for 5 seconds, the credit display will then show the default setting of 10 credits.

With credits showing on the display, press the 'Ball Loan' button to dispense 25 balls into the ball shooter tray, and deduct one credit from the balance shown on the display.

If the pachinko machine is out of balls the ball loan available LED will flash three times, and no credit will be deducted from the display. If the machine runs out of balls during a payout, then the ball loan available LED will remain flashing until the payout has been completed.

Installation of Smartcard Option

Note: before installing the Smartcard Option, install and verify correct operation of the Card Reader Emulator unit in it's default standalone mode.

For Rev.2 or 3 Card Reader Emulators simply connect the ribbon cable from the smartcard reader to the expansion connector of the card reader emulator. The smartcard reader will be automatically detected, and the inserted smartcard will be used to store the credit balance available to the player.

For Rev.1 Card Reader Emulators along with connecting the smartcard reader ribbon cable to the expansion connector, it is also necessary to set the operation mode setting in the setup mode to o-8 or o-9 for the smartcard reader to be recognised. This should be done using the setup mode before connecting the smartcard reader.

Power the pachinko machine back on without a smartcard in the reader socket. The credit display will show '---' to indicate that no card is present.

Insert the smartcard into the smartcard reader socket. It should be inserted with the contact side face down (ie closest to the printed circuit board)

With a smartcard inserted into the reader, the credit display should show the credit balance remaining remaining on the smartcard. If the display shows 'Err' then the smartcard has not been inserted correctly or has not been initialised. Either reinsert the smartcard, or press and hold the 'Return' button to initialise and load a credit balance onto the smartcard.

With a smartcard inserted and a balance showing on the credit display, press the 'Ball Loan' button to dispense balls and deduct credit from the balance remaining on the smartcard.

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