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If you have a question about the products and information on this website we can be contacted using the email address below.

If you have a general question about pachinko machines (that doesn't relate to the products or information on this website), then please join the forums at PachiTalk and post your question there. We regularly monitor these forums and prefer to offer help and advice on general topics in an open forum like this. This will allow the question and it's resulting advice and solution to be indexed by search engines and more easily found by other people searching the internet for similar questions. If you don't get any suitable replies and wish to bring our attention to the post, then email us with the title of the post and your PachiTalk username so we can quickly find the post and offer any advice there.

We can be contacted by email at If you would like to contact us by telephone or need a mailing address, then please send an email first.

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