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Pachinko Card Reader Emulator System

New features of rev 2 Card Reader Emulator.

Upgradeable Software.

The internal software of the rev 2 Card Reader Emulator can be upgraded without it having to be returned for re-programming. A small 'Upgrade Key' can be purchased which contains a new version of the operation software, this is simply plugged into the expansion connector, and the Card Reader Emulator will be updated with the latest software version, allowing upgrades and new features to be added. The upgrade key is reusable, so a single key can be used to update all of your rev 2 Card Reader Emulators to the latest software.

Greater Expandability.

Extra signals available on the expansion connector along with the ability to update the internal software will also allow new accessories to be developed for the rev 2 Card Reader Emulator.

Smartcard Reader Auto-detection.

The Card Reader Emulator will now automatically detect the Smartcard Reader board, and will allow the storing of the credit/count value on the smartcard in all operation modes.

Setup Mode Access.

Access to the Card Reader Emulator's setup mode no longer requires a jumper link. The setup mode can now be accessed by holding down the two card reader buttons on the pachinko's shooter tray when the pachinko machine is powered on, or by using an uniquely coded setup smartcard or setup key. If you want to restrict access to the setup mode, it can also be locked to the setup smartcard/key.

Larger Payout Quantities.

Additional settings are now available that allow balls to be dispensed in larger quantities. The 'Payout Multiplier' setting allows you to pay out more than 25 balls for each credit deducted, the 'Payout Count' setting allows more than one credit to be deducted for each payout.

Control of Shooter Handle.

When the smartcard option is used with the Card Reader Emulator, the ball shooter handle can now be disabled if there is no smartcard inserted in the reader's slot.

Extra Display Effects.

Additional settings are now available that change what is shown on the credit display when there is no credit available, or the smartcard is removed from the reader. This allows the display to flash when there is no credit, or the display can be turned off (with optional fade out, or animation effect). There are also new settings that can make the credit display blink while balls are being dispensed, or change the behaviour of the ball loan available LED.


Redesigned power regulation circuitry in the rev 2 Card Reader Emulator allow it to be used with Sanyo machines without needing a special modified version.

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