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Pachinko Card Reader Emulator System

Modification to Sanyo Machines.

Machines in certain Sanyo frames (New Sea Story etc) need slightly different signal levels to enable the shooter handle. If the shooter handle will not operate with the Card Reader Emulator unit installed, then this modification will enable the shooter handle without the machine checking for the correct signal level.

The modification requires removing the Payout Control board, opening the plastic case surrounding the board, and soldering together two adjacent connections on the printed circuit board.

Modification procedure

With the machine switched off and unplugged, remove the connectors along the top of the Payout Control Board.

With all connectors removed, unscrew the two retaining screws and lift the Payout Control Board down and away from the frame.

To open the plastic case surrounding the Payout Control Board, the security seals will need to be broken. Usually only one or both of the outermost seals will have been used. These can be cut off with a small hacksaw, or broken with a pair of wirecutters.

Locate the two lowermost pins of the opto-isolator PC3, and connect them together with a blob of solder.

Reassemble the Payout Control Board casing, and re-fit to the frame

Re-connect the cables leading to the Payout Control Board, paying careful attention to the location and orientation of the connectors.

Power up the machine and check that the shooter handle operates correctly

* If you do not wish to break the security seals on the Payout Control Board, access to the PC3 connections on the back of the board can be obtained by melting a small hole in the back of the plastic case. A neat hole can be melted by heating up a short length of copper plumbing tube (preferably 18mm, 3/4" or larger) over a gas burner, and using this as a tool to melt a round hole for access to the connections on the printed circuit board. Please ensure you do this in a well ventillated area, so you are not breathing in the fumes from the melted plastic.

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