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Pachinko Card Reader Emulator System

Card Reader Emulator

Playing pachinko in the home environment loses some of the excitement of playing in a Japanese pachinko parlour. You have an unlimited supply of balls to play with, and the player can just sit back and watch the machine, with little sense of involvement. The Card Reader Emulator system was designed to allow pachinko to be played at home with the same level of excitement as playing in a Japanese pachinko parlour.

The Card Reader Emulator adds a new dimension to the home pachinko experience by allowing you to have control over, and keep track of, the number of balls that you are playing with. This brings back the competitive aspect of playing against the machine.

More information about the Card Reader Emulator system is available on the following pages.

Introduction - What the Card Reader Emulator is and why it was designed.
Compatibility - What you need to check before purchase to make sure your pachinko machines are compatible with the Card Reader Emulator system.
Installation - How the system is connected to the pachinko machine.
Operation - How the Card Reader Emulator system is used, including a description of each of the operation modes.
Setup Mode - A description of the settings available in the setup mode, and details of how they can be used to change the operation of the Card Reader Emulator Unit.
Interfacing and Upgrades. - Information about connecting the Card Reader Emulator unit to accessories and external connnections.
Smartcards - Information on how the smartcards can be customised with your own designs. Includes a selection of our favourite designs.
Documentation - Online and downloadable versions of the operation instructions that are supplied with the Card Reader Emulator unit and the Smartcard Option pack.
History - How and why it was designed, and a few details of the design process.
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